AD’s return, Kyle Pitts, Kyrie Irving (4.23.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Latest, Podcasts, Skip and Shannon

▶ Skip & Shannon discuss the new NFL rule allowing flexibility on players’ uniform numbers. (00:00​)
▶ Think the Lakers were encouraged by AD’s return despite losing to the Cavs? (23:02​)
▶ Would Kyle Pitts make the Cowboys instant Super Bowl contenders? (36:48​)
▶ Skip & Shannon discuss the death of 19-year-old NBA prospect Terrence Clarke. (47:46​)
▶ Can the Cowboys & Washington hold off their NFC East rivals this year? (55:33​)
▶ Is LeBron’s Game 7 block the best defensive play in history? (1:07:49​)
▶ Agree the return of LeBron & AD will push the Lakers to back-to-back titles? (1:22:52​)
▶ Has Kyrie Irving emerged as the MVP of the Nets? (1:35:32​)
▶ Could Pitts have a better career than Plaxico Burress? (1:39:39​)


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