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Lyrics to ‘Ball Hog’ provided courtesy of GENIUS

Big Head Bandz Soul brotha number one!!!! Rich til I’m gone

To many Haters and no bosses

I take risks they move cautious

Buy cars, houses, land and horses

Facts told my gain came through my losses

Business as usual on a daily

It’s always been f*ck you pay me

Mindset like yeezy’s and Jay-z’s

The world is mine I never had to say please

Steph curry with the step back straight 3’s

I love the green you would think ai played for the C’s

More titles than any team in the league

A young G ball hard never felt fatigue

Blow the smoke in the sky staring at the stars

Honestly I feel like I’m where they are

And I can’t come down I live at the top

We started in the trap with the hanger and the pot

Very few artists’ music ignites the emotions of a listener’s soul. Music will always be America’s #1 mental therapy medicine and heals a person’s deepest wounds. Major Recording Artist Big Head Bandz embodies the 90’s Golden Era of Hip-Hop infused with Millennial energy. His latest track, ‘Ball Hog,‘ illuminates the panoramic hustler mentality fueled by relentless animal ambition.

Big Head Bandz’s music makes you put on a ‘Sean John’ bucket hat, turn up ‘Ball Hog’ ultra-loud, sip on Deleon Tequila, and nod your head and vibe out! It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a high stakes game of spades, attending a family BBQ, or chilling with your team, ‘Ball Hog’ adapts to any environment.

2020 has been a year of turmoil, incalculable human loss, and unprecedented financial loss. Hip-Hop’s Soul Brother #1 delivers another epic message of hope and aspiration with ‘Ball Hog.’ Big Head Bandz is CEO of Got Bandz Entertainment, LLC and Global Millennial Brand Ambassador of RADIOPUSHERS.


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