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In 2009 The New York Times noted that after 2000, Atlanta moved “from the margins to becoming hip-hop’s center of gravity, part of a larger shift in hip-hop innovation to the South.” Atlanta hip-hop’s pop breakthrough—everyone from Jermaine Dupri to OutKast to Lil Jon—involved the blend of various distillations of hard-core sounds from the West, bass beats from Florida, and styles and images from the North.  

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Lady Queet is a product of the world-famous Atlanta Hip-Hop universe. Born and raised in the Black Mecca of Hip-Hop, Lady Queet represents every Atlanta.  She commands respect and, most importantly, love from Peachtree Street to Buckhead.  Lady Queet launched her Picture-Perfect Studio entertainment imprint in 2011.  

Picture Perfect Studios includes a record label, music production, TV and Film division, and a publishing company. In 2017, PPS released ‘Hell of A Day’ to critical acclaim and immediate digital success.  Lady Queet possesses an exceptional rap skillset that separates her from contemporaries. 

Lady Queet’s ability to transform the darkest portions of her soul into powerful lyrical chords of inspiration in Hip-Hop is unparalleled. ‘Hell Of A Day’ has surpassed 300,000+ digital streams across Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.  Since 2017, Lady Queet has cross branded and monetized her imprint amongst multiple countries and lofted numerous business ventures.  

Female lions inside the African jungle are the primary hunters and assume the high risk of providing for their families.  Lady Queet understands Atlanta’s jungle and approaches every day with the highest level of ferocity and confidence to achieve musical greatness.  

C/O Lady Queet – Time To Shine feat. Mr. Flamboyant : CLICK HERE


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