LGBT and Black-owned company SolaWave raised $50K to celebrate Juneteenth & pride

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Black Business, Latest, Social Justice

LGBT and Black-owned company SolaWave raised $50K to celebrate Juneteenth & pride  

The Los Angeles-based skincare line released a statement announcing its partnership with The Lavender Rights Project, The Transgender District, and Black & Pink National to raise money for these organizations. The complete fundraising endeavor will reach a total of $50,000.  

In a press release, SolaWave co-founder Fatima Loeliger said that June holds a special place in all of our hearts as a Black-ownedand LBGTQ+-led company. She goes on to say that philanthropy is a pillar of the SolaWave brand, and the entire team is excited to give back in a meaningful way, and that they hope to use their unique platform to make a difference for their communities not only during the month of June but all year long.

The Black-owned company is also releasing a limited edition Advanced skincare brush in colors that pay homage to the original colors on the gay pride flag. SolaWave will donate $15 from the sales of each wand to its philanthropic efforts. For the retail price of $149, the wand uses scientifically advanced technology to implement microcurrents, facial massage, therapeutic warmth, and red light therapy. The special limited-edition wands will only be available for a limited time during the month of June. 

Black & Pink also showed excitement for partnering with the Black-owned skincare line SolaWave. The National Deputy Director of People Power & National Partnerships for Black & Pink released a statement saying that this initiative comes at a time when people across communities are recognizing and elevating movements dedicated to empowering LGBTIA2S+ as well as Black and Brown people.

By providing holistic tools and products at an affordable price to empower all women regardless of their skin tone, the LGBT and Black-owned company Sola Wave creates a society where women feel confident in themselves. 

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