Lil Tay | Where Are They Now? | Tragic Life Of Youngest Flexer

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Before They Were Famous, Latest, Podcasts

In a world where the gangster-rap lifestyle has been celebrated and championed by our culture and where five-year-olds can often be found gracing the covers of magazines, Lil Tay, well, she was the logical next step, wasn’t she? At her hey-day, Lil Tay was pulling in close to 2.5 million followers on her verified Instagram account, at a time when this young Chinese-Canadian was still only just 9-years-old! Yet here she was, dropping generic rap tracks and flexin’ on all of us, all for love of the Gram. Naming herself “the youngest flexer of the century”, Lil Tay has been described by others as everything from “a larger-than-life caricature” to a “badass Dora the Explorer” come to life. In fact, Lil Tay’s star eventually climbed so high that she was spending time with other celebs like Lil Pump, Jake Paul, and even getting entangled in her own rap beef with Bhad Bhabie. But the real question is: where is Lil Tay today? Her social media profiles have been dormant for more or less two years now. So, what happened? And could she be making a comeback anytime soon? Today, I’m going to let you know.


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