Major Recording Artist Washy releases the track ‘Andale’

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In the world of Music Millennials, Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Washy is popular for his bold, confident and charismatic, nature. In this world, every person is essentially chasing ‘FREEDOM.’   

Through Washy’s music, listeners can imagine audacious life that is inspiring, and devoid of limited dreams. In the lyrics, Washy talks about the real emotions of Millennials across the globe and motivates them to fly and not just run towards their goals.   

 Andale‘ is a track that is also a symbol of a fast-paced and festive nightlife vibe that is characteristic of the lives of active Millennials. ‘Andale‘ is a track with ultra-high tempo, which activates the human adrenaline and instantly creates a premonition of luxury living. The track ‘Andale‘ has been created to promote prosperity, immense confidence, and larger than life dreams. 

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Quintin Streeter

Never really heard of him gotta check him out.

Quintin Streeter


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