Soulja Boy | Where Are They Now? | Nintendo Lawsuit & Successful Comeback

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Before They Were Famous, Latest, Podcasts

Just a couple years ago, it seemed like Soulja Boy was poised to reintroduce himself to the mass public. Sure, he had had his 15-minutes of fame in the late 2000s after dropping one of the world’s very first viral tracks in “Crank That”, but after its release, his career, well, it kind of fizzled more than it cranked. Many people had him pegged as a one-hit-wonder, but then, almost ten years after he first made a name for himself, he returned in a big way with some bat-sh*t crazy tech ideas to create his own line of SouljaGame Consoles… that is until Nintendo threatened him with a lawsuit and Soulja had to pull his consoles in 2019. Only a few months after that, he was sent to jail for violating probation. Now, Soulja is once more a free man and looking to kick start his career with some ingenious and totally out-of-left-field ideas that include hyping up dish soap. Yeah, you heard me right, dish soap, and today I’m going to tell you all about it.


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