The meteoric rise of Dirti Diana redefines Millennial Hip-Hop

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Editorial Pick, Latest, New Music Alert, On The Radar, Trending

“Late night dinners with the masses

If ain’t about that bag

Then I’m passing

From the same school but different classes

I was taught to hustle and get it

And I passed it”

Lyrics available on ‘Oh I’ powered by Soundcloud


The lyrics, as mentioned above, reflects the beautiful mind of Dirti Diana. At first glance of Dirti Diana, you immediately receive a powerful sense of royalty and supreme leadership.  


Born in the concrete jungle of Bronx, New York, Dirti Diana is born to win and engineered for greatness. From birth, seeds of self-worth, ownership, fearlessness, and beast mode work ethics were infused into her bloodline.


Dirti Diana’s exclusive intelligence of balancing pain, lust, power, and fantasy elevates her music above contemporaries. It’s extremely rare in this era of Hip-Hop to hear music which activates and inspires a movement.  

Dirti Diana’s signature sound and rap delivery are unchallenged and endorsed by Hip-Hop heavyweights from New York to Los Angeles. During a COVID-19 pandemic and profound uncertainty globally, Dirti Diana’s music continues to invigorate Music Millennials in 2020.


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