The Wolf Has Spoken Creating a panoramic view of a Man’s World

by | Sep 5, 2020 | BOOK CLUB

The Wolf Has Spoken: Creating a panoramic view of a Man’s World

 Communication is the lifeblood in any relationship, business, or personal.  Understanding a man’s psyche can drain the life from a woman’s soul and transform her mentality infinitely.  The complexity of human behavior is the most studied science amongst humanity.  Fear is a powerful thing; it has an abundance of firepower. Most men will not examine their souls’ depth and vulnerabilities to propel beyond their most significant challenges.  Voices within our inner spirit remind us of our truth; however, our heart’s pride limits progress. ‘Cheating is Not Cheating’ is the new relationship blueprint for empowers women and reveals the male mentality’s naked truths.  

‘Cheating is Not Cheating’ guides women and men through an intricate maze of communication and psychological warfare.  The undeniable beauty of ‘Cheating is Not Cheating’ reflects its ability to narrate authentic human behavior.  Dealing with truth and evolving beyond pain enables a person to discover a higher level of expectation. ‘Cheating is Not Cheating’ explores and details every possible thought pattern of the male species. ‘Cheating is Not Cheating’ delivers a supreme formula of success between both sexes. 

‘The Wolf Has Spoken,’ and the world is tuned in.


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